CNC Production Monitoring

PM initials stands on Production Manager. Our software especially designed for monitoring for Machine tools, lathes and similar CNC based machines. Can easily adapt these control types . Heidenhain TNC, Millplus , Fanuc (with Focas) and MT Connect supported machines like Mazak , Haas , DMG Mori. Physical hardware installation is not necessary to these machines. Just enter an IP address or hostname and some basic info is enough to start monitoring.

Remote Monitoring of Machine Status

Production Monitoring System

PM Terminal is designed to monitor machines remotely. This real time status screen allows you monitor machine status, parts , messages come from operators, which jobs assigned each machine. You can also edit processes , assign parts to machines. Also assign users with access levels such as operator , cam responsible , manager with different credentials.

Report work history


PM Cnc production monitoring system offers several ways to work with reporting. A traditional report includes several detailed pages for each machine and one summary page at the end. A pivot table and charts are gives you customization ability to select fields and custom charts to visualize them . Finally there is a dashboard page to summarize historical data with drag and drop . To customize the views you can use several type of filters , sliders , charts and tables .

Easy Drag & Drop Dashboard

You can have custom dashboard pages in your project. Find the dashboard designer icon at the menu . Drag and drop all you need data between tables and charts to produce new dashboard. Save to use later or share with others. The stock dashboard of your project cannot be removed.

Reduce Downtime 

Production monitoring system allows you to examine a machine’s entire production process, both from the client and the server’s side. You can review a machine’s work history as well as worker performance, and report summaries in tables or graphs can be downloaded as a Microsoft Excel file , pdf or other popular formats to trace changes in production and thereby improve productivity! The return on investment shorter than a year with PM. Your productivity level increases significantly and the improvement of quality is noticeable through your client’s feedback as well as lower costs.

Some technical details

  • Uses DirectX hardware acceleration to draw charts, menus and reports. 
  • Always shown as best as possible where monitor size and DPI awareness. You don’t have to change your display settings even a small laptop or big 4K monitor. PM adjust itself to best looking fonts, menus or charts etc. automatically.
  • PM is very optimized to get data from SQL Server even on Internet. It will select necessary data to get and don’t waste bandwidth and your time.
  • Can adapt any ERP software : We using SQL Server to hold data. This allows easily integrate our software to your existent ERP system.
  • Continuous development : PM will be continue adding new features . We planning add some additional features such as remote monitoring client for Android , web based client, barcode scanner , Gantt planner , Integrated Office Files editor at future.
  • Solution for unsupported machines : If your machine not compatible for our list, we have a solution for that, Our data collector hardware can connect machines outputs. For example andon lights(Green light ), PLC output or M Command output.